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I believe in minimalist web design that saves you time and money not only during development but later, when your site traffic ramps up and bandwidth becomes an issue for your bottom line. My contract fees are among the lowest in the industry as I seek to build my portfolio of satisfied customers. Let's face it, times are hard and you need a web design firm that's not out to expand every contract into a budget-breaking project! I like to work with small business, non-profits and entertainers and will prove it by giving you the kind of service I know you need.

"Minimalist design 'makes the simple things simple, and the complex things possible'. My aim is to combine simple elegance and functionality to a timeless form."
    — Xavier Lust

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I hope you enjoy your time on this site. There are a lot of approaches a designer can choose when setting up the site that acts as his prospective clients first exposure to his style. I've chosen to break a few of the conventional rules in designing this site with such a dark motif. That's because I chose to design to my tastes, which run to just this sort of thing. In case your tastes aren't the same, please do be sure to visit the Portfolio sites to get a full idea of our work. I look forward to working with you to produce a fast-loading site that complies with the latest web standards. Thanks for visiting Rixter Technologies!